My Favorite Google Tricks To Fight Boredom

I love Google. Anyone who happened to experienced working on websites and links as well as SEO, have no choice but to like, love and analyze Google.


While at work and on research, I never neglect to ask Google everything (well almost), and even at the peak of my boredom, I found out that Google has tricks to awaken me and let me use my wasted time leisurely.

Here, I listed some of the Google tricks that tricked me before and maybe you may find them awesome and amazing:

  • A Heart For You- Google this equation:

sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

  • Do a Barrel Roll- Google can do a barrel roll and you can see your screen spin a little for a moment.
  • Tilt or Askew- Want to make your screen slanted? Then type these words.
  • Zerg Rush- Searching “zerg rush” will send a never-ending fleet of Google O’s to destroy your page.
  • The Loneliest Number- Search for it and you will find the answer.
  • Google Gravity- Google Search gets a lot harder when you add gravity to the webpage. Grab the fallen Google logo and play around.
  • Google Sphere- Search options orbit the Google logo. Time to broaden your sphere of search, eh.
  • Where is Chuck Norris?  – You may be feeling lucky, but not lucky enough to search for Chuck Norris.
  • elgooG or Google Mirror- If you spell Google backwards, you should know what to expect. This fun Google trick simply displays a mirror image of everything you might see when doing a search on Google.
  • Epic Google- Search bigger.
  • Weenie Google- Better search quick before you feel inadequate.
  • Who’s the cutest?- Are you not curious what answer Google may provide?
  • Let Me Google That for You- Made for those of us who are too lazy to use Google. Upon entering a search query, instead of results, you get a link of the result. Just click
  • Goglogo- Ever wanted your own personal version of Google, complete with a customised logo? This is perfect for you then.

My Favorite Google Doodles

Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday
Star Trek
Little Nemo in Slumberland
John Lennon Doodle
Play the Guitar
Logo Repelled by Cursor
Jules Verne Doodle
Animal Locomotion Doodle
Earth Day Doodle
Drive-in Doodle 
Mother’s Day Doodle
Olympic Hurdles Doodle
Olympic Basketball Doodle
Olympic Soccer Doodle
Olympic Canoe Doodle


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